Code poetry is now Shotcode poetry (Shot trailing)

Posted: March 17, 2010 in IDAT 210

My intial project proposal for IDAT 210 was to have poetry decided by the feeds from the Arch-OS system. However due to porblems getting the stream to select words using xml I decided to take a different approach. Instead of the Arch-OS system I will be using shotcodes made on (which is currently down so I am hoping that the site will be up soon so I can create them). Each shotcode will be put in a different place around plymouth relating to the mood of the word poems. This will create a ‘ShotTrail’ which will be followed by a participant using GPS to reveal all of the hidden animations and sounds throughout plymouth centre by matching the shotcodes up with the mobile phone browser software.

Drake Circus



The first piece is a collection of visual text which can be scrolled through as if moving through a space. This is all part of the design for this piece due to the fact it is all situated in a large black void of nothingness. The next one is created with lighter colours and more upbeat words. The idea for this is to make the animation have some sort of relation to the area in inhabits. The two above I have created to go near the war memorial on the Plymouth Hoe. The first is about the sadness of the area where as the second is about the happyness, what the men and women whose names are listed did for the country and how they fought for our freedom.

Obviously I wont be sticking the shot codes onto the memorial as I wouldnt want to deface it in anyway. I will have to create a stand for them within this area. On things in the centre such as adverts I will be able to stick them directly.

My Places listed will be

Bombed out Church


Drake Circus

Union Street

War Memoiral

The Hoe

The TV Screen


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